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It might seem like an odd idea at first, but you can put a rug in your kitchen, provided that it is the right type of rug. These days, you can easily find a lot of kitchen rugs on the market that are specifically designed for this busy area of your home, where there is a lot of foot traffic and the high risk of spills and messes.

What’s the point of adding a rug to your kitchen? Well, it can immediately add a little extra style to the space. Whether you go for a rug that beautifully complements and blends in with the rest of your kitchen’s design scheme or you decide to go with a rug that has an eye-catching design that immediately grabs the attention of anyone who walks into the space, there is a perfect rug that’s out there for you.

But most people choose to use a kitchen rug because it can feel comfortable under your feet while you are cooking up meals, preparing lunch for the kids, doing dishes, or cleaning up and organizing the space. Standing for a long time on a hard floor can be tough on your body, and you might start to feel tired right away, but with the right kitchen rug to provide a little cushioning and support, you might feel better. Plus, with a rug underfoot, you might also avoid slipping and falling.

And yet another good reason to consider a kitchen rug is because this simple product can be a good strategy to protect your floors from damage like scratches and spills. Imagine accidentally dropping a dish or cup, and having its contents spill all over your floor. Depending on the type of flooring in your kitchen, it might incur some damage, but if you have a durable kitchen rug that’s easy to clean, you might be able to protect your floor and keep it looking great.

You can find kitchen rugs that are made of a range of materials, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, bamboo, foam, and polypropylene, so it is up to you to decide which one you’d prefer. Considering the pros and cons of each material will help you make the right choice, and you can also narrow your options down based on rugs that are washable, waterproof, stain resistant, and non-slip.

Are you ready to add a bit of style, warmth, sophistication, and comfort to your kitchen by dressing up your floor with a rug? How can you choose between the many different rugs of varying shapes, sizes, and colors? Well, to start, you can check out the list of products below.

1. Top Pick Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug: MELAJIA Anti Fatigue Cushioned Floor Mat Set

This kitchen rug set is a good choice when you are searching for products that will feel really comfortable under your feet because they’re designed to help reduce fatigue while standing. By providing support, these products might help reduce any discomfort you feel or tiredness you tend to develop in your feet and joints when you are cooking meals, washing dishes, and more.

This set comes with a kitchen rug and a matching mat, so you can place them wherever you’d like in your kitchen. Whether you want to set them up next to each other to make a large area that’s covered with soft cushioning or you place them in two separate areas of your kitchen is entirely up to you.

We also like that these are easy to clean, as you just need to wipe them with a wet cloth. And they are non-slip and stain resistant as well. Available in multiple color options, they can help add style to your space easily too.


  • You get a kitchen rug and a matching kitchen mat.
  • These have a PVC leather surface with a modern design, along with a non-slip bottom.
  • The cushioning is 10mm thick to help reduce fatigue when standing.


  • Some customer reviews state that these aren’t all that easy to clean.
  • Color options are limited.

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2. Best Non-Skid Kitchen Rug: Maples Rugs Reggie Floral Kitchen Rug

This colorful rug features an eye-catching floral design, so it can be a great choice when you want to add a new focal element to your kitchen. It is also available in a range of sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Featuring 100% nylon pile that is resistant to fading and also durable, the pile on this kitchen rug is 0.44” high. This makes it versatile and easy to care for. It even has a rubberized backing that is skid resistant to help it stay in place without the need for a rug pad. And, when you need to clean this kitchen rug, you can put it in your washing machine!


  • This kitchen rug has a low nylon pile and a rubberized backing that helps it remain in place without sliding.
  • You can wash this kitchen rug by placing it in your washing machine.
  • This product is made in the USA.


  • The style might not suit every design scheme.

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3. Top Pick Best Woven Kitchen Rug: nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Runner Rug

This kitchen rug is available in a range of sizes and various colors, so you have a lot of options to choose from when you are looking for something that will perfectly complement your space.

Made in India, this rug is 100% polypropylene and built to be durable so it can withstand daily foot traffic. The braided weave is also beautiful, and it provides you with a different style option than other kitchen rugs that are out there.

In case of spills, you can rest assured that this kitchen rug is water resistant. It is also easy to clean, and you can spot treat it with a rug cleaner if you need to.


  • This kitchen rug is fade resistant and water resistant.
  • This rug is designed to work well in high traffic areas.
  • You can clean this rug easily.


  • Because this kitchen rug does not have a non-slip backing, you will need to use a rug pad to help keep it in place.
  • This kitchen rug is not machine washable.

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4. Best Machine Washable Kitchen Rug: ReaLife Machine Washable Rug

When you want to go with a kitchen rug that is super easy to clean because you can just put it in your washing machine when it gets dirty, check out this option from ReaLife. Available in multiple styles, including colorful geometric designs, you can also choose from various sizes to suit the size of your kitchen.

Another nice feature is the fact that this rug is made from recycled synthetic fibers, so it can be a good option if you want to look for a more eco-friendly item. It also has a non-slip bottom that helps ensure it will remain in place without sliding around.

This rug is flat woven and it does not have a pile. It is also lightweight, yet it is durable enough to be able to withstand a lot of foot traffic.


  • This kitchen rug is available in multiple styles and sizes.
  • This product is machine washable, has no pile, and has a non-slip backing.
  • This rug is made from recycled materials.


  • Some customer reviews state they aren’t happy with the way this rug holds up over time.

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5. Best Absorbent Kitchen Rug: KMAT Kitchen Rugs and Mats

This kitchen rug is another option when you want to get a large rug and smaller one in the same set. It features a modern design, and there is more than one size option to choose from. Plus, it is made of microfiber that is water absorbent and soft under your feet. In the event that you accidentally spill something, the material will absorb it and then dry quickly to help protect your floors.

This kitchen rug has a higher pile and a shaggy surface, so it is different from many others on the market. It might be a great option if you walk around your house barefoot and want to feel extra comfort under your feet while working in your kitchen.

You’ll also like that this product has a non-slip backing so it will stay in place. And, when you need to clean this kitchen rug, it’s simple to do because it is machine washable.


  • This microfiber kitchen rug is machine washable.
  • It features a modern design, has a non-slip backing, and comes in a set of two.
  • This rug can absorb water and oil in case of spills.


  • Some customer reviews describe this kitchen mat as slippery, despite the non-slip backing on it.

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6. Best Decorative Kitchen Rug: SussexHome Non Skid Washable Kitchen Runner Rug

This large kitchen rug is available in multiple fun designs, and it measures 20” x 59”. It is easy to clean because you can vacuum it and put it in your washing machine. And it is made of cotton and polyester, so it is both durable and soft.

In addition to being water absorbent, which can certainly come in handy when it comes to protecting your floors and avoiding slipping on a spill, this kitchen rug also has a non-slip backing to help keep it in place. And it is a thin rug, too, measuring less than ¼” thick, to help you avoid tripping on it.


  • This kitchen rug is made of polyester (30%) and cotton (70%).
  • You can clean this kitchen rug in your washing machine.
  • This large rug is thin, water absorbent, lightweight, and soft.


  • This kitchen rug might be too thin for some people.

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7. Best Kitchen Rug to Cut to Size: Aivoch 2PCS Cuttable Kitchen Mats

Sometimes, depending on the size of your kitchen and its layout, you might find it hard to locate a kitchen rug that is just the right size. If that’s the case, though, you can turn to a product like this one, which is a cuttable kitchen rug. Basically, you can cut this rug down to the size that will work perfectly in your space.

With this particular option, you get a large kitchen rug and smaller mat for one affordable price. Made of durable fabric that is easy to clean, these rugs can absorb liquids, and they also have a non-slip backing.


  • This set provides you with two kitchen rugs, one large and one small, that you can cut to the appropriate size for your needs.
  • You can sweep and vacuum these kitchen rugs, as well as spot clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • These rugs are water absorbent and non-slip, and they can be used on a variety of floors.


  • If you’re looking for a kitchen rug with a pretty design, this one might not be right for you because of its basic appearance.

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8. Best Kitchen Rug Set: Carvapet 2 Pieces Buffalo Plaid Check Rug Set

Yet another set of kitchen rugs that are worth checking out is this option from Carvapet. It has a cute plaid design, and you can choose from more than one color option. And you get a large rug and smaller mat that you can set up wherever you need them to be.

This kitchen rug has an anti-slip backing that will help keep it in place, and it is designed to feel good under your feet with its softness. Plus, because it is water absorbent and will dry fast, it can help protect your floors in case of spills.

We also like that these rugs are simple to clean because you can just put them in your washing machine. As with all of the kitchen rugs on this list that are machine washable, just be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before washing them so you can do it correctly.


  • You get two kitchen rugs in this set, both of which feature soft microfiber and non-skid latex rubber.
  • This kitchen rug set will absorb water and dry quickly.
  • You can clean these in the washing machine or use a vacuum.


  • These kitchen rugs might be too thin for those who want more cushioning.

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Things to look out for:

As you can see, there are a lot of kitchen rugs that you can choose from. To be sure that you are making the right decision for your expectations and needs, consider the following as you browse the products that are available:

One of the most important things you will need to think about when shopping for a kitchen rug is the material that it is made of. Remember, your rug will be walked over a lot, and it might end up wet with water or dirty with spills. So, choosing a material that not only looks good and feels good under your feet, but is also durable and easy to clean, is a must. If you want to stick with natural materials, you can certainly do that. Just keep in mind that some, like jute as one example, might be damaged by water and moisture.

To choose the right size, be sure to measure your kitchen before you start shopping. That way, you will know how big you need the rug to be, based on how much space you want to cover with it. You might opt for a long and narrow rug that will span the length of your kitchen or you might prefer a smaller one that can be set up next to your sink for when you’re washing the dishes.

To ensure your kitchen rug will stay in place, look for one that is designed to be non-slip. Also, low pile to no pile, as well as flatweave, tend to be the better options when compared to high pile because you want your kitchen rug to be easy to clean and you don’t want to risk tripping on the rug itself. Generally, a smoother surface might be preferable.

For a lot of support, go for a kitchen rug that is cushioned and has a good amount of foam for comfort while you stand on it. And for ease of cleaning, there are some rugs that you can roll up and toss into your washing machine, so that’s something to consider in addition to whether a rug is stain resistant.

Finally, consider the style that you want to add to your space. As mentioned above, do you want something striking or do you want it to blend in with the rest of your décor? Whether you want a rug that’s a solid color or beautifully patterned, there are a lot of options to choose from.

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