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It’s the little details in your kitchen that make food prep a pleasure, like the smooth, uninterrupted functionality of the kitchen faucet. This vital element is not only integral to the overall design and look of your cooking space, but it’s also a major factor in easing the tasks of prep and clean up.

And what about the annoying drip, drip, drip of a leaking faucet or one that fails to deliver adequate water pressure so your dishes never really feel that clean? Sometimes, we just have to come clean and replace a faulty faucet.

Whether you’re replacing a non-functioning faucet or looking for a new kitchen sink and faucet, you’ll want to choose a faucet that is visually appealing and works well, too.

Like many products, there are many different types of kitchen faucets out there, from basic to ones boasting many bells and whistles.

We feature the four best kitchen faucets you can buy online. Read on to find the kitchen faucet that suits your needs best.

Top Pick Best Two-Handle: Hotis Stainless Steel Lead-Free Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen faucet needs to be replaced and you’re looking for a new one that fits into the current design of your kitchen. You like a two-handled version where you can adjust the hot and cold temperatures easily by opening or closing by increments either the hot or the cold handle. Plus, it’s what you’re used to, and you like the comfort of familiarity.

You may want to consider this two-handle, lead-free, high arc stainless steel faucet by Hotis. It offers up a modern, clean design that fits neatly into any kitchen design while delivering a smooth stream of water that is drip-free.

Features of this model include an overall height of 13.38 inches, a spout height of 9.4 inches, and a spout reach of 3.94 inches. The maximum deck thickness on this deck-mount faucet is 2.8 inches, and the stainless steel construction of the faucet ensures durability and dependability. The faucet’s ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards, ensuring durable performance for life.

The aerator is made from ABS plastic, the number of holes needed for installation is two, and the hose style is a 3/8 compression female thread. Hot and cold faucet supply lines are not included and need to be purchased separately. As well, the 1.8-gallon per minute flow rate complies with the strictest water saving standards while maintaining great performance. Comfort and familiarity in an attractive two-handle kitchen faucet.


  • Ceramic disc valves
  • Two-handle hot and cold-water model
  • Clean design fits into any décor
  • Affordable


  • Hot and cold water lines must be purchased separately

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 Top Pick Best Single Handle: Peerless Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Single-handle kitchen faucets are popular for their sleek design and ease of use. Instead of fussing with hot and cold-water taps to adjust the temperature to your needs, this kind of faucet is easy to maneuver with a slight push of one hand while you’re still filling a pot or washing a plate.

If you are looking for a quality single-handle kitchen faucet, you may want to consider this chrome model by Peerless. Designed to fit into a 3-hole, 8-inch configuration, this faucet has a low-arc spout with a 360-degree swivel for easy, versatile use when you’re doing every day kitchen tasks. The single-handle lever makes switching from hot to cold water easy.

Other important features to note include a minimum clearance to the backsplash of 2.5 inches; a spout height of 6.63 inches; a 10-inch-wide escutcheon; 8 inches between the hole centers; and the faucet is ADA compliant and water efficient. Standard supply lines must be purchased separately.

But perhaps the most important features of this kitchen faucet model are its affordability and sensible styling that will complement any home design.


  • Water efficient
  • Single faucet makes it easy to switch from hot to cold water
  • Low-arc spout with a 360-degree swivel
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable


  • Standard supply lines must be purchase separately

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Top Pick Best Touchless: KOHLER Simplice Response Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

You love technology and strive to have everything in your kitchen to be as up-to-date as possible. Now you need to replace your kitchen sink and faucet and are considering a touchless pull down faucet.

You may want to consider KOHLER’s touchless pull down model to help make all of your kitchen tasks easier. Packed with features, this faucet is powered by an A/C adapter and does not need batteries to function. The response technology uses a state-of-the-art motion sensor for reliable touchless activation and a convenient LED light indicates when the faucet is operational and ready to go. Imagine, a simple wave of your hand and the faucet turns on or off.

Not much is missing from this awesome touchless kitchen faucet. Three different spray options – stream, sweep and boost – offer up practical options to make your work easier. The stream spray is ideal for everyday tasks and uses 45 percent less water than a traditional 2.2 gpm faucet without sacrificing performance. The sweep spray has specially arranged nozzles to create a wide, forceful blade of water to rinse clean everything from stuck-on food to set-in stains. Finally, the boost spray increases the faucet’s flow rate by 30 percent at the touch of a button.

Other features include DockNetik, a magnetic docking system to secure the spray head in place; a quiet, braided hose and swiveling ball joint to make the spray head easier to pull down and more comfortable to use; 360-degree swing spout; and three-hole or single hole installation with escutcheon plate included.


  • Touchless technology
  • Pull down kitchen faucet with three spray options
  • Precision-designed sensor to prevent false activations
  • Single hole or three-hole installation


  • More expensive than other models

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Top Pick Best Versatile Pullout: Delta Faucet Collins Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Pull out kitchen faucets are very convenient and although they have a sleek design, they give you the flexibility to direct the water exactly where you want it to go. So, you can use it as a regular faucet, or when needed, pull out the retractable hose for more specific tasks.

For a versatile pull out kitchen faucet that comes with everything included for installation, you may want to consider this Delta model. Equipped with MagnaTite Docking, a powerful integrated magnet snaps the faucet spray wand precisely into place and holds it there so it stays docked when not in use and doesn’t droop over time. The patented diamond seal technology reduces leak points and lasts twice as long as the industry standard, for a leak-free operation.

Designed to fit single or 3-hole, 8-inch configurations, everything you need to install this kitchen faucet is included in one box, including an optional deck plate for 3-hole installation, InnoFlex PEX supply lines that are integrated into the faucet, and an optional escutcheon for use with additional mounting configurations for a cohesive look.

And for complete flexibility, the pull out design swivels 120 degree with a 20-inch retractable hose, while the dual function sprayer easily toggles between spray and stream. As mentioned, everything you need in one box.


  • MagnaTite Docking uses powerful magnet to snap kitchen sprayer in place
  • Easy to install
  • Everything you need in one box
  • Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole installations
  • Deck mounted
  • Flow rate and water consumption is 1.8 gallons per minute each


  • More expensive than other models

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for a kitchen faucet so you will choose the one that best suits your needs:

There are six main factors to consider when choosing a kitchen faucet: the spout height and reach; handle and spout design; materials and finish; single versus two handles; design; and price.

Spout height and reach

Faucet spouts vary a lot in height and reach, and most of the time you can just choose the look you like best. But if you have a shelf above the sink, a tall spout may not fit. With a three-bowl kitchen sink, a spout with a short reach may not extend to all the bowls.

Handle and spout design

Handle designs vary from solid levers and crosses to loops and knobs, while spout designs vary from a high arc with a 180-degree swing to a low-arc with a pullout spray wand. A greater variety of spout designs can be found among two-handle faucets as the spout is unhindered by the temperature adjustment control.

The material and finish

For a cohesive look, it’s best to choose a faucet finish that matches any nearby cabinet hardware, unless you plan a complete re-do. In that case, your choice of finishes is greater. Most kitchen faucets are made of polished chrome, satin nickel or bronze finishes. All of these finishes are durable and keep their good looks for years.

Chrome is the most durable finish and the easiest to keep clean. For heavy use, chrome is a good choice for long-term toughness.

Nickel finishes are usually labeled “brushed,” “satin” or “stainless steel” and have a dull shine. They’re durable but prone to fingerprints and water spots, so it takes more work to keep them clean and looking good. Some may have a coating that reduces stains and smudges, but that coating isn’t as durable as metal and may chip or wear.

Bronze faucets have a brownish tone and are often called “oiled” or “rubbed” bronze. But the surface is a coating (such as epoxy) rather than metal. This coating is tough but can be chipped or scratched more easily than metal.

Single-handle versus two-handle

The placement and style of handles, and the ease of use vary from faucet to faucet. The handles on a two-handled faucet may be placed immediately next to the spout in a center-set arrangement or they may be placed farther apart. Some people prefer independent hot and cold water handles as it gives them greater control when making temperature adjustments.

The advantage of a single-handle faucet is that it allows you to quickly adjust the water flow and temperature with one single motion, using one hand. Since the handle requires little effort to operate, it can be nudged with your wrist or forearm if your hands are occupied, dirty or soapy.

When deciding if you want a one-handle or two-handle kitchen faucet, you need to consider the sink as well, and the number of holes it has. Most sinks have three holes: one for the hot handle, one for the cold and one under the spout. Some single-handle models include a cover plate to hide the extra holes, but it’s best to check before you make a purchase.


Like many products, there are a variety of designs from which to choose when it comes to kitchen faucets. One element is the handle design, which can range from solid levers and crosses to loops and knobs in sleek modern designs or retro old-fashioned models. Spout designs vary as well, ranging from contemporary to commercial grade and industrial-looking.

As long as the kitchen faucet you desire meets all the functionally requirements you want, then which one you end of choosing will depend solely on your personal taste and the layout and design of your kitchen.


Like most products, kitchen faucets come in a wide variety of price points, from very affordable to luxuriously expensive. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more for a higher-quality product, but it is never wise to spend more than you can afford.

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