Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s probably the room in your home that is used the most. Whether you are cooking for one or entertaining friends and family, the kitchen is a popular place! 

It also has more gadgets and tools than just about any other room! The kitchen is where all the cooking magic happens and all the tools required to do all of that cooking need to live there.  Having a cluttered disorganized kitchen makes cooking a chore even when you love being in the kitchen. How many times have you opened a cabinet only to have lids fall on top of your head? Or what about when you go searching for your favorite pot and you can’t find it because it’s shoved in the back of the cabinet lowest to the ground?! 

Most traditional kitchen cabinets do not come equipped with a system for organizing. This leaves you with a ton of underused storage space. This leaves most people to stack everything on top of each other and hope for the best.  If you’re sick and tired of lids and pans falling out when you open the cabinets, keep reading. 

The good news is that there are a variety of kitchen cabinet organizers that you can add to your cabinets to maximize the storage and space that you have. From simple organizing units to ones you need to install, there’s a solution for you. 

When shopping for a kitchen cabinet organizer, you’ll want to consider the size of your space, number of cabinets, the dimensions of your cabinets, if you want to install and/or assembly them, and what items you need to organize inside of the cabinets.  

We have compiled a list of the best kitchen cabinet organizers to suit different needs, all available online.

Our Picks for the Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

We have narrowed down the six best kitchen cabinet organizers that you can buy online. Read on to find the one that best suits your organizing needs.

Best Pull Out Organizer – SimpleHouseware 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

If you want to maximize a small cabinet space, we highly recommend the SimpleHouseware 2 Tier Sliding Basket organizer. This best selling item is the number one pick for pull-out kitchen cabinet organizers. 

This is great for those that have limited cabinet space due to the sliding baskets and the overall size of this unit. There are two drawers so you can gain more access to space within your cabinet or pantry. Plus, the drawers can be lifted out with the easy to carry handles. 

There are two tiers of drawers which doubles the storage space without taking up more room. These sliding baskets can be used on any open counter space and inside of your kitchen cabinets. Not only is this an attractive storage solution, it’s practical too. 

This organizer is made of sturdy metal with a classic silver coating. The baskets lift out due to their easy to carry handles. We also love that this is stackable. If you buy two or more, you can stack them together for extra storage!

The dimensions are 14”L x 8” W x 12.75” H; Drawer Height: 3.8”; Drawer Width: 6.75”


  • Number one in pull-out home organizers. 
  • Multipurpose use, great for kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and more. 
  • Can be used in the cabinets or on top of the counter. 
  • Buy two or more and stack them together.
  • Freestanding, compact unit. 


  • Needs to be assembled. 
  • May need to bend the sides to get the drawer in. 
  • May not be durable enough to hold heavy weighted items. 
  • Some reported that the drawers were difficult to slide out. 

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Most Durable – ClosetMaid Two Tier Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

ClosetMaid is a household brand that many people have come to trust when it comes to organizing. This durable two tier kitchen cabinet organizer fits all of your kitchen storage needs. The sliding basket tiers slide independently as they feature an innovative glide system that makes it easy to access all of your items. 

Not only are these efficient but they are also attractive. They are covered in an epoxy coated steel and durable nickel finish. It also comes in white. 

Assembly is easy to install and all hardware for installation is included. 

In order for these to work, your cabinet base will need to be at least 12 inches wide. This kitchen cabinet organizer measures approximately 12.2″ H x 12.1″ W x 20″ D when assembled. 


  • Comes in two colors; white or nickel. 
  • Multipurpose use, great for kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and more. 
  • Easy glide system. 


  • These need to be screwed into the cabinets which may be a con for some. 
  • Some reported that the organizer is not very sturdy. 

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Most Sturdy – Rev-A-Shelf 2-Tier Wire Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

If you need a heavy duty kitchen cabinet organizer that isn’t going to bend while doubling your cabinet space, you’ll want to check out the Rev-A-Shelf’s Two-Tier Wire Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer. 

It is built with heavy gage wire construction and full-extension ball-bearing slides on both of the chrome plated baskets. This organizer is durable as it is strong enough to hold up to 100 pounds. Each tier operates independently so you can pick and choose what you need without a lot of hassle.  This is sure to hold all of your cooking accessories, pots, pans, lids, pantry staples, or kitchen cleaning products. 

This unit works in just about any traditional kitchen cabinet.  All mounting hardware and u-shape supports are included. It has multiple mounting points which eliminates any side-to-side movement. Simply mount the bottom bracket to the floor of your cabinet and then attach the upper bracket using the back of the cabinet and face frame. There is also an optional door mount kit that you can purchase. The installation process is simple and mounts to your existing cabinets.  

The dimensions are 14.75 x 22 x 19 inches; designed to fit most 18-inch cabinets with an 14.5-inch opening. 


  • Easy to install with bottom, side and rear mounting for total stability 
  • Extremely sturdy and well made with heavy gauge wire construction.  
  • Easy to pull out – no more bending over to find things in the cabinets! 
  • Two-Tiers operate independently.
  • Multipurpose use, great for kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and more. 


  • Some users reported that it took longer than 20 minutes to install.
  • Be sure to take accurate measurements before ordering! 

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Top Vertical Organizer – Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer

If you need to add vertical storage space to your kitchen cabinets, look no further than the stackable 2-tier under the sink organizer from Simple Trending. This organizer is great for smaller cabinets as it saves space and provides versatile storage in compact spaces.   Get rid of all that disorganized kitchen clutter with this stackable organizer.  

It is designed with perforated metal wire that allows you to see all of your items while preventing items from falling through. The drawers come with a plastic plate to protect small accessories from slipping out. Built with durable metal square tube construction with a chrome coating. Also includes PET anti-slip pads to prevent the unit from sliding around and scratching your cabinets. 

We love the stackable design. It comes with four connectors that stack multiple units to maximize even more storage space. Plus, there is a two tier sliding storage basket that provides easy access. The baskets smoothie slide out to enhance all your organization needs. 

Installation is simple and it comes with the assembly tools. 

The dimensions are 8.5”W x 14.25”D x 13.25”H; Drawer Height: 3.8”; Drawer Width: 6.75’”. 


  • Versatile vertical storage in compact spaces. 
  • Multipurpose use, great for kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and more. 
  • Stackable design – up to four units. 


  • The drawers may be a little hard to slide as there are no rollers or ball bearings. 
  • Some reported that the design doesn’t feel sturdy. 
  • May not do well with holding heavier items. 

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Best Under the Sink Unit – Expandable Under Sink Organizer

One of the trickiest cabinets to organize are the ones under the sink thanks to the plumbing. Don’t let this space go to waste for all your kitchen cleaning supplies. This unit from SpicyShelf is rated as the best under the sink organizer. 

This can be assembled in minutes. Plus, it is multipurpose and can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom. The design is adjustable giving you flexibility to fit around your under the sink plumbing. 

This organizer is made of lightweight heavy duty plastic. It has been tested to hold up to 40 lbs, perfect for your kitchen cleaning supplies. 

Spicy Shelf provides a one year warranty if anything happens to your organizer they will replace it free of charge. 

The dimensions are 15.50 x 2.50 x 10.00 inches.


  • Multipurpose use, great for kitchen and the bathroom sinks. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Adjustable design. 
  • Made from high quality material and holds up to 40 lbs. 
  • Spicy Shelf product guarantee. 


  • Some reported that the legs didn’t click together well. 

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Best Lazy Susan – YouCopia Crazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Turntable and Snack Organizer with Bins

Do you struggle to organize certain items that don’t seem to fit anywhere? This Lazy Susan turntable style organizer is perfect for things like snacks, packets, bottles, and more. 

The turntable is 11 inches and fits more standard size kitchen cabinets.  The best part is there is no installation or assembly necessary. The smooth 360 degree rotation is one stainless ball bearings. Plus, it comes with non-slip feet to keep the unit in place. 

It comes with three removable bins with handles so you can grab the entire bin from even the highest shelfs. The clear view keeps items in sight so you can quickly see what you have on hand and grab what you need in a pinch. 

The dimensions are 10.4″ D x 10.4″ W x 4.1.”


  • No installation or assembly needed. 
  • 360 degree turntable. 
  • Clear view to view all items in a pinch. 
  • Fits in just about any size cabinet. 


  • Some users reported that the plastic cracked easily. 
  • May not be the best use of space; especially when space is limited. 

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What To Look For in a Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

There is nothing more satisfying than a good meal except for an organized kitchen. Getting your kitchen cabinets organized will make you feel like a boss in the kitchen when you’re cooking up a delicious meal. Part of being a good cook is knowing where all of your tools and gadgets are. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so you might as well make the best of the space that you have. 

Most homes don’t come with kitchen cabinet organizers built into them. You can maximize all of that unused kitchen cabinet space with installing or adding a few good kitchen cabinet organizers. 

When shopping for a kitchen cabinet organizer, here are some questions to think about: 

  • What kind of cabinet space do you have? 
  • Are they traditional cabinets? 
  • What are the dimensions of your cabinets?
  • Do you have corner cabinets? 
  • What kind of items will you need to store inside of the cabinets? There are organizers that are more sturdy for things like pots and pans versus something like the YouCopia Crazy Susan which is best for snacks and light weight items. 
  • Do you want to get organizers that require installation? If you are renting, this might be an issue. 
  • Do you want stackable organizers to maximize a smaller space?

Before you start shopping, make a list of all your needs and wants when it comes to organizing the kitchen. Take all of these questions into consideration so that you can make the best possible choice. 

There is something for everyone on our list of the best kitchen cabinet organizers that will be both effective and attractive. 

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