Our Guide To The Best Jerky Guns

Everyone enjoys tasty and quality meals that can be prepared with the right cooking utensils. And if you’re a fan of dried jerky, well, then a shooter for jerky could be the most relevant cooking tool to have. These utensils aid in unleashing the true chef you are by helping you cook delicious and mouthwatering beef, turkey, pork, and any other type of jerky you wish. With a variety of brands in the market, picking a jerky gun can be hard—so, here’s our top best jerky guns to help you in your search.

1. Editor’s Choice: Beef Jerky Gun 2.7 Pound Capacity Pistol Maker

Jerky making has been made easy for anyone who loves to make jerky but hates using those plastic and breakable guns, with the durable Jerkyspot Judge. The dual-storage (round and flat) solid pistol is made of stainless steel attachments and anodized aluminum. It includes two jerky tubes for convenience and is a great pick for professional chefs and jerky lovers who would like to prepare turkey, pork, beef, or any type of ground meat jerkies in their own kitchen.


2. Runner Up: LEM Products 468 Jerky Cannon

Are you a jerky fan who’s looking for a really good jersey gun? Give the LEM 468 Jerky Cannon a shot. The shooter is constructed to make jerky prep super easy and fun. The piston is assembled using high-quality and heavy-duty plastic material, and the handle is made with thick plastic-coated stainless steel rod. Included in the kit are two bags of popular Backwoods seasonings— original jerky and snack stick. The cannon also comes with a nylon brush for cleaning your container easily. This shooter can definitely be operated by butchers, eateries, or home chefs for making some appetizing jerky.


3. Best Kit: NESCO BJX-5 Jerky Works Jumbo Kit


Nesco jerky shooter makes the preparation of turkey, beef, and venison jerky easy. The Nesco BJX-5 has a large jerky gun which can hold up to a pound of minced meat. The equipment brags of a see-through meat compartment which lends itself well for close monitoring of quantities. The trigger is constructed using stainless steel for durability and dependability. The package contains 2 packets of jerky seasonings and 2 packs of cures and 3 accessories for sticks and strip. To achieve the best result, use with Nesco dehydrator.


4. Best Clear: 7Penn Beef Jerky Maker Kit


The 7Penn Beef Jerky Maker is a semi-transparent tool for keeping track of the quantity of meat loaded in your gun. This tool also boasts a durable and comfortable handle which allows for smooth operation. Made to last with a thick, durable plastic meat chamber tube and a stainless-steel rod with trigger mechanism for user satisfaction, it doesn’t feel flimsy in hand. Prepare your round snack sticks and double flat jerkies in a snap with the aid of the 2 included plastic nozzle attachment – the cone produces 1/2 inch round jerky and flat head nozzle allows you to make 1-1/4 inch by 1/4 inch strips. A great choice for meat processing, outdoor purposes, and home use, it is easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe.


5. Best Compact: Geesta Jerky Gun

Making homemade jerkies that are rich in protein but low in calories is the desire of every jerky lover. The Geesta Jerky Gun can help you do exactly that, as it’s fast, easy-to-use and designed for all types of jerky, snacks, sticks, and sausages.

This gun includes a large funnel for swift loading, two dual stainless steel snack stick (produces two flat or two round jerkies at the same time), two single stainless steel nozzles (for a single flat or round jerky), a set of 2 cleaning brushes, and a practical carry pouch for the gun and all of the accessories. There are two sizes of aluminum tube available: one that holds up to 1lbs of ground meat and one that has a capacity of 1-½ lbs of ground meat, making it perfect for hiking, camping, or to-go snacks for families of all sizes.


6. Best Premium: Crest Valley Premium Jerky Gun – Complete Jerky Making Kit

Crest Valley Premium Jerky Gun – Complete Jerky Making Kit contains everything you’ll ever need to make the tastiest jerky snacks at home. Load up the barrel of the gun with well-seasoned hamburger meat and squeeze out flattened strips of jerky or rounded snacks by using the EZ-grip handle. There are four tough stainless steel nozzles included to allow you to make all types of meaty snacks and jerkies: a dual flat nozzle, a dual round nozzle, a single flat nozzle, and an extra-long round nozzle. In addition to that, you’ll also be getting 3 cleaning brushes (even a micro- brush for cleaning hard to reach areas), and two recipe and instructions booklets with tons of seasoning recipes and ideas. A great gift for anyone that appreciates good jerky and doesn’t know where to start! 


7. Best Basic: SIGVAL Jerky Gun, 1 Pound Capacity 

Enjoy appetizing jerky and snack strips from the comfort of your home with the long-lasting SIGVAL Jerky Gun Kit that takes you from ground meat to delicious jerky sticks in moments! Made with 3-steel nozzles and die-cast metal handle, it lets you prepare numerous jerkies for any event—beef, deer, turkey, pork, or any meat of your choice. Easy-to-use and dishwasher safe, it comes with 2 cleaning brushes and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


8. Customer Choice: Oster Beef Jerky Kit 


An outdoor person or someone who loves to make their own jerky? The Oster Beef Jerky Gun holds up to a pound of meat and helps you prepare delicious jerky with healthy ingredients at home. It has a large jerky press with trigger and also includes 3 attachments tips for different size jerky strips. This jerky gun also includes 5 beef jerky seasonings and cure packets for making tasty beef, turkey, pork, or any ground meat and features an instruction to guide you on product usage.


9. Honorable Mention: Presto Jerky 08632 Gun and Seasoning


The Presto jerky gun is a remarkable tool for any jerky lover. Enjoy spicy and natural beef jerky, venison, and other meats by using this gun with 3 interchangeable nozzles—wide strips, dual strips, and round sticks. The wide, easy-to-load chamber holds one pound of seasoned ground meat. Made to last with quality materials which can be used in an oven or dehydrator, this jerky gun is also safe to put in your dishwasher and a perfect gift idea for family or friends.


10. Also Consider: Nesco FD-28JX Jerky Xpress Dehydrator Kit with Jerky Gun

This Nesco FD-28JX jerky gun comes equipped with everything you can need to make your own flavorful and delicious jerkies at home. It even includes a special dehydrator and trays that measure 4 13-1/2” each for drying foods within a few hours. The shooter comes equipped with 3 compartments and 4 packets for cure and prep for your tasty jerky. Quick and easy-to-use, this jerky gun boasts of a 350-watts component that transmits even temperatures for making your jerky. It’s also fully packed to get you started once you purchase the kit. Another thing to note is that the barrel is able to accommodate up to 4 pounds of ground meat.



What exactly is a Jerky Gun?

A jerky gun is a hand held kitchen tool designed to make jerky by forming seasoned ground meat into strips or uniform pieces. The basic components of a jerky gun are: a grip and trigger, a tube/cannon, and nozzles that express ground meat in various flat or cylindrical shapes. These pieces are then dried in a food dehydrator or oven at a low temperature to create dried jerky. Some jerky guns come with other accessories, such as funnels, packers and cleaning brushes.

Do you need a jerky gun to make jerky?

No, you can make jerky by slicing it or by grinding it, but a jerky gun makes the process of making ground meat jerky much quicker and easier, compared to making it by hand.

Why use a jerky gun?

Many people prefer ground meat jerky because it has a more pliable texture and it is easier to chew. When making ground meat jerky, a jerky gun makes an easy job of forming flat uniform strips of jerky or cylindrical snack sticks, compared to forming the ground meat by hand. Making ground jerky at home using a jerky gun allows for experimentation with a variety of recipes and allows for flexibility and ease, seasoning to your particular taste preference.

Is homemade jerky cheaper than buying jerky in a store?

Making homemade jerky is less expensive than purchasing jerky and you have control of the amount and combination of ingredients that you use in your recipes. You do not have to even purchase the meat you use in homemade jerky, you can also make jerky out of hunted and harvested wild game.

Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for a jerky gun so you will choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences:


The barrel of the jerky gun is where you load and pack the ground meat mixture before expressing it. Different models have varied capacity barrels. The larger the barrel, the less time you will spend reloading it, making the job quicker. Larger barrels need a more solid design, which affects the cost, but also the durability. Some models even come with multiple barrels to aid in efficiency.


Depending on how often and to what capacity you are planning on using your jerky gun, the materials it is made from make a difference. Jerky guns made from stainless steel or aluminum are much more durable and can be more ergonomic and easier to use than those made from plastic, but have a much higher price point.

Ease of Cleaning:

When you are done with the process of making your jerky, clean-up is necessary. Some jerky guns are designed to be easier to clean than others. Some jerky guns have features that allow it to break down into smaller parts and/or include brushes in the package that aid in easier clean-up. Most models are recommended to be cleaned by hand with hot and soapy but some are designed to go in the dishwasher which can be an added advantage.


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