Best Glass Frosters

If you also enjoy your beer, you know that there are some drinks only taste good when they are served chilled.

However, all too often, glasses are taken straight from the dishwasher where they are rinsed with hot water. And therein lays the problem.

No matter how cold the beer is, it becomes warmer when poured in the glass. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the glasses that are just as chilled as the drink itself?

The only way to overcome this problem is with glass chillers and frosters that can help you serve ice-cold beverages by keeping the glasses chilled. These refrigerator-like machines are built to hold several dozen (or even hundreds of) standard glasses, making them appropriate for home-based breweries and large bars alike.

Now a glass froster takes only a few seconds to chill your glasses before serving, which saves significant time, especially during your restaurant’s busy hours or when you are short on time.

They are space-efficient devices that can be easily set up in your bar and even on the countertop. Moreover, they save energy while providing you the best value on their prices that are relatively more reasonable than refrigerators.

If you are looking for help in deciding on the best glass frosters for your needs, we will help you choose. Read on for our recommendations:

Best Glass Frosters In The Market

Our Top Pick – Innoveco Glass Chiller IN-000

Innoveco’s top-mounted glass froster chills your glass in seconds. It is designed to save space in bars or restaurants and even homes while giving off an attractive appeal with its sleek design and elegant metallic luster.

Hold the glass for 3 to 5 seconds under the dome of the froster and press down to release the gas. You will see the glass frosted as soon as you remove it.

To set it up, you need to stage the CO2 glass chiller on the countertop and connect it with a CO2 tank. The tank then sprays liquid CO2 at a temperature of -45 degrees, frosting all types of glasses instantly.

The aluminum body makes it easy for you to keep the device clean, and since it functions on AA batteries, it’s pretty energy-efficient as well.


  • Suitable for multiple types of glasses and cups
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and reliable
  • Works on AA batteries
  • Portable


  • Not enough guidance on setting it up

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Best Instant Glass Froster – Innoveco Rapid Fast CO2 Glass Froster

Innoveco’s Rapid Fast glass froster promises to deliver a beautiful frosted glass in just 6 seconds, which is a lot faster than any refrigerator we’ve heard of. Its economical pricing doesn’t hurt either.

You can trust this device to frost beverage glasses instantly when your restaurant or pub is experiencing busy service hours, and the customers want their drinks quickly. All you need to do is place the glass under the hood and press it to release the gas, which covers the glass in frost.

This device comes in a space-efficient, minimal yet elegant design that you can even set up on your bar counter for aesthetic purposes.

All you need is a liquid CO2 tank with a siphon tube that can be used to accomplish frosting in the best way. Since it doesn’t require an electrical connection, you can save a significant amount of money and energy from your restaurant’s expenditure, which makes it the most economical option.

A 20 lbs tank of CO2 can chill about 160-200 different types of glasses meant for beer, wine, whiskey, cocktail, or any other beverage in just 3-6 seconds.


  • Maintains the drinks’ taste
  • Economical price
  • Compact and portable
  • Minimal design
  • Instant frosting process
  • Chill glasses down to -4 0F


  • Consumes CO2 rapidly

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Best Commercial Glass Froster – Beverage-Air GF24L-B 24”

Beverage-Air’s one unit underbar is the perfect addition to your restaurant or pub when you want to serve chilled beverages quickly. Its black vinyl body gives a stylish and minimalistic appearance so it won’t overpower the decor of your bar or lounge.

The glass froster’s interior has a large storage capacity with plenty of shelving to organize your beverages. The steel interior is also insulated with CFC-free products to save energy while performing its function efficiently.

As it is an under-bar glass froster, it has a shallow design that comes with a stainless steel sliding lid so that your staff can easily access the drinks when the customers ask for them.

Moreover, the glass froster has a powerful compressor that maintains the inside temperature. At the same time, a built-in evaporator system does not require you to worry about floor drains.

This glass froster can not only chill beverages, but you can also use it to frost mugs and plates by simply chilling them in the froster. When these items are taken out of the chiller, they get nice and frosted in a matter of seconds.


  • Easy to use
  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • Shallow design for easy access during busy service hours
  • Stainless steel elegant exterior
  • Galvanized interior
  • Balanced refrigeration for rapid cooling


  • Produces noise

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Best Hand-Held Instant Glass Froster – Innoveco Instant Glass Chiller

Innoveco’s hand-held glass froster is an innovative device that can chill your glassware instantly. It is a portable device that helps you breeze through the glass frosting duties faster so that you can serve your customers with chilled drinks at a moment’s notice.

Interestingly, since it is a hand-held device, it looks like a gun; hold it in one hand and take it near the glass and then just press the switch to release CO2 that covers the glass in a film of frost in seconds.

You can simply place this glass froster on your bar table, connect the CO2 tank with it, and you are ready to serve drinks in ice-cold glasses.

Moreover, not only is it used to frost glasses, but it is also a highly-efficient cleaner that uses CO2 to unclog machine parts and remove oil from them.

This hand-held glass froster works with all types of glasses and mugs without freezing itself. This makes it a must-have gadget at home when you are hosting a party or at your professional bar that is always swamped with customers.


  • Light-weight and compact
  • Instant frosting of glasses
  • Unclogs machine parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple set up
  • Enhances the drinks’ taste


  • Burns through the CO2 tank quickly

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Choosing The Best Beverage Refrigeration Equipment

If you are a bar owner or just a beer aficionado who loves to hold parties and serve your home-brewed beer, you need the best refrigeration equipment. But before finding the suitable option, you need to assess the space you need to chill your drinks, your budget, and any special features that you require.

The following are some refrigeration options, keeping your requirements in mind.

Glass Frosters

Glass frosters are designed for chilling glassware before serving a drink. The frosting device is connected to a CO2 tank that releases the gas to produce a film of frost on the glass. This entire process takes seconds to complete, and in the end, you get a chilled glass that you can immediately serve to your friends, family, or customers.

Commercial grade glass frosters can hold a massive number of glasses at a time while maintaining the temperature. They come in sleek designs so that you can place them in your bar without worrying about their look.

Also, the CO2 added by the glass froster helps enhance the taste of the drink while maintaining its fizziness, which makes it perfect for your bar. Available in movable and mounted designs, they can be easily set up on your kitchen or bar’s countertop.

Bottle Coolers

Bottle coolers are simple units equipped with vast storage space to chill drinks and glassware. They are either refrigeration based or work with ice in bulk quantities.

Ice-cooled bottle coolers are perfect for outdoor events where the customers can grab their drinks. These coolers are filled with ice and connected to a drain to release the melted ice water.

On the other hand, the refrigeration based bottle coolers are mostly found in restaurants in pubs where they hold a huge number of chilled beverages that are served by your staff or bartenders.

Now, bottle coolers come in various sizes that you can install in your house, any outdoor event, or your pub.

Commercial Beverage Coolers

If your restaurant boasts of providing a unique drinking experience, you need a commercial cooler that maintains the temperature of your beverages. These coolers are available in various designs that you can select based on your restaurant’s ambiance if you are planning to place them in front of your customers.

Also, you need to determine the storage capacity you need or how much space you have to adjust a commercial-grade beverage cooler. Smaller cooler sizes provide the added benefit of setting them up on your countertop space.

Different Types Of Glasses You Need For Your Bar

When buying glasses for your bar, you need to look for designs that match the theme of your bar. Also, you must select high-quality glasses that are made of thick glass as they have fewer chances of breaking easily.

Now, if you are wondering what type of glasses you need to serve different beverages at your house or bar, read on to find out.

Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail or martini glasses are characterized by their conical shapes that come in a variety of glass styles. They possess a long stem that allows the drinker to hold the glass while preventing the transfer of heat energy from the hand that might warm the drink. These glasses hold around 3-6 ounces of the cocktail.

Short Tumblers

These glasses are a must-have for every bar or pub out there. It is an old-fashioned glass style that is mostly used for drinks that are served with ice.

Short tumblers hold around 6-8 ounces of a mixed drink or a neat pour of liquor with ice.

Shot Glasses

The shot glass is perhaps the most popular glass type in a bar. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, holding an average shot of about 1 ½ ounce.

These shot glasses are made up of thicker glass to prevent them from getting damaged if handled roughly.

Margarita Glasses

These glasses are used primarily for serving margaritas, but sometimes they can also be used for serving cocktails. Margarita glasses come in various shapes, the most famous being the double-bowl shape that is mainly used for frozen margaritas.

The smaller margarita glasses are meant for drinks that are served with no ice, and the medium ones are used for frozen margaritas. In contrast, the large ones are perfect for frozen drinks served with additional ice.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses are meant for celebrations and toasts. They are available in various shapes and sizes, the most common being the champagne flute. It is a thin, long glass that is designed to contain the champagne bubbles inside the glass for a long time.

Another champagne glass type is the tulip style that possesses a longer stem with flared rims and the flute’s bowl shape.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are available in a huge variety of shapes and styles. Many bars and restaurants serve white wine in taller and more open glasses while red wine in rounder glasses that possess smaller bowls.

You can even serve your wine with ice in these glasses.

Beer Pints

Beer has a dedicated style of glassware that is available as beer mugs, pint glasses, and pilsner glasses.

The pint glasses can hold 16 ounces of beer, and it can also be used for mixing beers. The pilsner glass holds 10-14 ounces of beer in a flute shaped glass used for light beers.

On the other hand, the beer mugs are the perfect glassware that can be frosted to serve chilled beer to your customers or friends and family. They hold 10-14 ounces of beer, but if they have a thicker base, they will be able to hold around 10 ounces of beer only.

Brandy Glasses

These glasses are perfect for swirling your brandy, taking its aroma in and sipping it straight from the glass.

They are large glasses that allow you to enjoy brandy or any dark-colored beverage while relishing its colors.

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