Best Cocktail Muddlers

Thinking of buying a cocktail muddler? Or not sure what it is? The muddler in your shaker or glass is like a pestle in a mortar. You can use the muddler to gently mush and extract flavors out of fruits, herbs, and spices, which can greatly enhance the flavor of your cocktail. Muddlers are sometimes also used to crush sugar cubes or ice. They are a versatile tool and have a place in any home bar.

Muddlers come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and finishes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular muddlers available on today’s market.

Bamber Wood Cocktail Mojito Muddler

This cocktail muddler is made of eco-friendly, solid wood. It helps to retain the flavors in your drink.

It’s perfect for muddling your fruits, spices, and herbs into a tasty blend. The heavy construction is great for muddling sugar, too. The teeth at the bottom of the muddler crush sugar cubes and (ice too) quickly and easily.

The wood is high quality, heavy, and durable. This muddler is non-stick, and it measures eight inches in length.

The handle has a unique bowling pin design. It is comfortable to grip in your hand, and won’t slip.

The muddler is well-sanded and smooth, and thus easy to clean by hand with just soap and water. Do not put this muddler in the dishwasher.


  • Cocktail muddler made of eco-friendly, solid wood
  • Retains flavors in your drink
  • High quality, heavy, and durable
  • Heavy construction and teeth at bottom are great for muddling sugar cubes and ice
  • Non-stick, well-sanded, and smooth
  • Handle is comfortable to grip and non-slip


  • Not dishwasher safe

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Fletchers Mill Wood Muddler, Ideal Fashioned

This cocktail muddler is made of solid hardwood, handcrafted by artisans. It measures 11 inches in length and yet is quite slim, which comes in handy when you are mixing items in a tall glass.

Use it to muddle and mix fruits, spices, and herbs. It is a handy tool to have nearby in your bar and is great for fixing cocktails. It also makes a nice mallet for crushing ice.

The wood is eco-friendly and sourced sustainably.

The handle is ergonomically designed. It feels sturdy and not slippery in your hand. It has a nice, comfortable grip and allows you to provide more force without straining your hand or wrist. And with the longer length, you won’t be squishing your knuckles up against the glass rim while muddling.

One drawback is it tends to crack after using for some time. Also, since it is almost a foot long, it can feel bulky when you first use it.


  • Cocktail muddler made of solid hardwood and handcrafted by artisans
  • Measures 11 inches in length, yet is quite slim
  • Muddles fruits, spices well, and also makes a handy mallet for ice
  • Eco-friendly and sourced sustainably
  • Handle is ergonomically designed and sturdy, with a comfortable grip
  • Allows more force without straining your hand or wrist


  • Long length means it may feel bulky at first
  • Tends to crack after using for some time
  • Not dishwasher safe

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Hudson & Lane Wooden Cocktail Bar Muddler

This cocktail muddler is made of walnut-colored lacquered wood. It has a sleek and fashionable, yet slightly rustic, look. It complements a bar that has a classic look. It measures eight inches in length.

It is very functional and can mush several cocktail ingredients at once. It quickly crushes herbs, spices, and of course, fruits. It’s great for making old-fashioned cocktails, mint juleps, mojitos, and more.

The handle has a comfortable grip, which allows you to quickly and easily muddle your ingredients. It is easy to hold and some users feel it is safer to use than the metal versions.

The wood is food safe and commercial grade, which makes it easy to clean.

One drawback is, because the wood is stained a dark walnut color, the stain can sand off over time.


  • Cocktail muddler made of walnut-colored, lacquered wood
  • Sleek, fashionable, yet slightly rustic looking
  • Measures eight inches in length
  • Quickly crushes herbs, spices, and fruits
  • Handle has comfortable grip
  • Wood is food safe and commercial grade


  • Dark color can sand off over time
  • Not dishwasher safe

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Mojito Muddler, Professional Grade Bamboo

This sleek and pretty cocktail muddler is made of high-quality bamboo. This material is one of the strongest yet lightest materials available. It is well-made, both in design and material. It measures 11 inches long, which is a good length for easy manipulation when you are mixing.

It does not contain any lacquer, oil, or toxic chemicals that could potentially affect the quality of your drinks. It is anti-bacterial, sanitary, carbonized, and 100% food safe.

The muddler has a gripping end that has grooves for a comfortable hold.

It is easy to clean.

One drawback is chipping and splintering may occur. Also, it is quite expensive.


  • Sleek and pretty cocktail muddler
  • Made of bamboo, one of the strongest yet lightest materials available
  • Measures 11 inches long
  • Does not contain lacquer, oil, or toxic chemicals
  • Anti-bacterial, sanitary, carbonized, and 100% food safe
  • Gripping end has grooves for a comfortable hold


  • Expensive
  • Chipping and splintering may occur
  • Not dishwasher safe

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OXO Steel Muddler with Non-Scratch Nylon Head

This attractive cocktail muddler is made of rust resistant, die-case zinc. It has a brushed stainless steel finish. It has a nylon head, which will protect your glasses from scratching. It measures nine inches in length. In addition to muddling your fruits and spices, it is great for crushing sugar cubes.

The black silicone handle is soft and comfortable to grip.

It is dishwasher safe on the top rack.

One drawback is the metal cap can break easily. Also, the teeth at the bottom of the muddler will not tear certain ingredients like mint leaves very well.


  • Attractive cocktail muddler
  • Made of rust resistant, die-cast zinc with a brushed stainless steel finish
  • Nylon head protects glasses from scratching
  • Measures nine inches long
  • Black silicone handle is soft and easy to grip
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Metal cap breaks easily
  • Teeth at bottom of muddler do not tear certain ingredients like mint leaves very well

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VEHHE Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler and Mixing Spoon

This sleek and stylish cocktail muddler is made of food grade, 304 stainless steel. The head has teeth, for better mixing of your sugar, herbs, and fruit. This muddler measures 10 inches long. It is lightweight, which makes muddling your ingredients easier and more effortless.

It is BPA-free and leaves no metal aftertaste, and it will not oxidize or fade. It is durable, safe, and eco-friendly. It does not acquire stains or smells.

The muddler is uniquely curved, which gives it a nice, comfortable grip.

It comes with a stainless steel bar spoon and fork, as well as a gift box. The spoon has a rotating screw design, which helps when mixing drinks.

This muddler and the accessories are dishwasher safe, for ultra-easy cleaning.


  • Sleek and stylish cocktail muddler
  • Made of food grade, 304 stainless steel
  • Lightweight, which makes muddling more effortless
  • BPA-free, does not acquire stains or smells, and does not leave a metal aftertaste
  • Uniquely curved, for a comfortable grip
  • Comes with stainless steel bar spoon and fork


  • None mentioned by users

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Choosing a cocktail muddler

Now that you have taken a look at some of the more popular cocktail muddlers available on the market, let’s give some thought to how to choose a muddler of your own. Here are a few things to consider.


In the old days, muddlers were only made from wood. Today, you can find these handy bar tools in other materials like stainless steel, plastic, and bamboo. Each material is a great choice, and they each have their pros and cons.

Wooden muddlers are still the most popular in bars. They have always been the traditional choice, and they do a fantastic job of muddling mint leaves and other delicate herbs. They are also strong enough to crush ice if needed. However, they are higher maintenance than other materials. They need to be hand washed (immediately after use if you are working with fruits that stain) and cannot be put in the dishwasher. Some wood muddlers also need to be oiled occasionally so they will last longer.

Bamboo muddlers are similar to wood and are getting very popular nowadays. They are eco-friendly and promote sustainability. They are not safe in the dishwasher.

Stainless steel and plastic muddlers, on the other hand, are dishwasher safe, which makes them very convenient to use. These materials are more sanitary than wood, and won’t spread bacteria or mold. They tend to be very durable, and they will not absorb stains or smells. Many stainless steel and plastic muddlers have a grooved nylon head, which is more gentle on your ingredients when you are mushing them. They are great for muddling fruits.


The traditional shape for a wooden muddler is like a baseball bat; however, some are straight. Stainless steel and plastic muddlers often have more modern shapes, like with a slight curve towards the middle. Usually, the ends are wider and flat, although some may have teeth for additional muddling. The most important consideration is to make sure the muddler fits well in your hand and is comfortable to hold. This will lessen strain on your hand and wrist while you are using the tool.

Texture and weight

These are very important because the muddler needs to feel good in your hand in order to use it effectively. Stainless steel muddlers tend to be more heavy and smooth than other materials, but you need to be careful because they can slip in your hand, which could be dangerous. Plastic muddlers are smooth and lightweight, which may be easier to handle.

Wood muddlers can be varnished or unvarnished. Varnished models are smooth and feel good in your hand, and they are stain-free. However, the varnish can chip off and end up in your drinks, compromising the taste. The best bet is to buy an unvarnished wooden muddler, which is harder to clean but safer in the long run.


Muddlers are used inside a glass or tin. If you are using a short muddler, say around six inches long, you can hurt your knuckles in the process. It is better to have a longer muddler so your knuckles don’t hit the rim of the glass.


How to use a cocktail muddler

There is an art to using a cocktail muddler. You should not simply smash your fruits and herbs into a messy pulp. Rather, you should caress the ingredients gently, easing the essential oils and juice out of the mixture.

Place your ingredients into your cocktail shaker, or directly into the glass you are serving the drink in. Press the muddler down gently, and then turn out about half-way. Continue this motion about five times, until the muddling is complete. Then add any other ingredients, including ice if needed.

Do not muddle in a container with a plastic bottom, as these tend to crack under light pressure. If you are serving your drinks in plastic glasses, muddle the mixture in a glass first and then transfer and continue mixing. Always muddle your ingredients before you add ice.

With a little practice, you will be an expert muddler and cocktail drink maker!

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