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If your house is the go-to place where friends and family gather to socialize and have a good time, then you know there are two major ingredients to make every event a success — good food and the right mix of beverages. Whether you choose water, soda, juice, beer, wine or all of these, you can keep them cool and close at hand in a beverage tub.

A beverage tub is generally smaller and more attractive than a cooler and can be found in a range of sizes. They are constructed from a variety of materials, such as galvanized steel or acrylic, with different color options and decorative touches including fancy handles. Depending on the size of your crowd, you can use one, two or three beverage tubs, separating drinks into categories to make sure everyone’s tastes are satisfied. Fill the tub with ice and drinks and it’s party time.

Here is a list of some of the best beverage tubs you can purchase online. Read on to discover the one — or ones — that are best for you.

1. Editor’s Choice: Twine Seaside Jute Rope Wrapped Farmhouse Galvanized Ice Metal Beverage Tub

The vintage farmhouse look has become a popular way to decorate a home, emphasizing rustic elements like wood accented with steel and iron as well as comfort and functionality in everything from the kitchen sink to yes, beverage tubs.

This model is an example of vintage farmhouse with its galvanized metal tub, sturdy jute rope handles for easy transportation and the decorative appeal of jute twine wrapped around the bottom. The beverage tub will keep your drinks cool on hot days and is ideal for any party you want to host outside or inside your home. Measuring 13 by 19.25 by 9 inches, the 4.5-gallon capacity beverage tub can accommodate all your favorite beer bottles, soda bottles or cans, as well as multiple wine bottles.

If you’re not into that specific vintage look, or prefer a larger size, you can also choose from two other models: a 4.5-gallon galvanized steel tub painted bright red or a 5.35-gallon plain galvanized steel tub. Any of these options would also make a thoughtful gift basket filled with food and wine.


  • Large size
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Jute handles make it easy to carry


  • Metal is thin

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2. Runner Up: Prodyne Big Square Party Beverage Tub, Clear

When it comes to throwing a party, the last thing you want to spend a lot of money on is the container in which you keep your beverages cold. That being said, if you invest in something cheap, it may not last more than the night, and sweat condensation so badly, it will ruin your furniture.

Enter this affordably priced square beverage tub from Prodyne. Made from sturdy and durable Styrene, the BPA-free plastic beverage tub has ribbed walls to add a touch of style, and easy-to-hold handles. The clear tub goes with any décor and measures 14 by 14 by 8 inches, large enough to fit a 10-pound bag of ice and an assortment of beer, soda, bottles of water or wine. The beverage tub is also shatter-proof and break resistant.

If you’re not into this style or size, you can also choose from seven other models including red or black four-bottle acrylic options and oval or rectangular shapes, all at different price points.


  • Affordably priced
  • Different sizes, colors and shapes to choose from
  • Very little condensation


  • May be too small for some needs
  • Made of plastic

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3. Best Insulated: BREKX Stainless Steel Double-Walled Insulated Beverage Tub

One of the downsides to some beverage tubs is condensation. When warm glass bottles hit cold ice, it can create too much condensation that can leak and ruin the surface on which the tub is placed. If this is a concern, and you are searching for a leak-free beverage tub, then consider this model from BREKX.

Although you will pay more for this beverage tub, the stainless-steel insulated design is constructed with an inner tub floor and outer walls that are fused by the thick stainless steel, meaning it has a zero percent chance of leaking. Ever.

The double-walled insulation will also keep your ice and drinks cold for more than 10 hours, saving time and money purchasing less ice and filling the tub up fewer times. Once the tub contains all of your favorite drinks, you’ll have no problem transporting it to its spot at the party using the double-hinged handles on each side

Measuring 14.5 by 15.4 by 7.5 inches, the 15-quart beverage tub is lead free and if you are not keen on the stainless steel ribbed model, there are four other styles to choose from: rose copper, rose red, silver, and stainless steel hammered, all double insulated.


  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Double insulated walls
  • Does not leak


  • Pricey

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4. Best Value: Zilpoo 4 Pack Large Plastic Beverage Tub

For really large gatherings, especially outside on a hot day, you may need more than one beverage tub to hold all the cold drinks to satisfy your guests’ thirst. To get the best bang for your buck, consider purchasing more than one at the same time in a value pack.

These oval beverage tubs from Zilpoo are made from sturdy BPA-free clear plastic and come four in a pack. Totally versatile, you can use them all for beverages or for other things, too, such as storing garden or kitchen accessories and arts and crafts supplies. Each tub has a 4.75 gallon capacity that will hold a wide assortment of your favorite beverages, snuggled deep and kept cool in a heap of ice.

Each container measures 18 by 13.5 by 9.5 inches, has easy-to-hold cut-out handles on each side, and the four tubs nest inside each other for easy storage. These tubs do create some water condensation, so they should be placed on the grass or under a towel if on a wood surface. The four-pack beverage tubs are also available in a smaller 1.18-gallon size at a cheaper price point.


  • Value pack
  • Nest inside each other for easy storage
  • BPA-free


  • Can produce a lot of condensation
  • Thin plastic

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5. Best Large Size with Stand: Tablecraft Beverage Tub Set

For that big party, you need a big beverage tub to hold all the drinks you want to offer your guests. Measuring 22.75 by 13.75 by 15.75 inches, this model from Tablecraft is one of the largest beverage tubs on our list.

Made from galvanized steel, the six-gallon tub has a clean, yet rustic look that will fit into any décor, with sturdy metal handles on both sides that are rivetted into the tub. This beverage tub is also more expensive than some other choices, and that’s not because of its larger size. It’s because there are two other parts in this three-piece set that makes it a little different from other models.

The beverage tub sits in a condensation tray to catch any water droplets caused by the cold ice hitting the warm glass of the bottles inside the tub. This will protect the surface you place the tub on from ending up a watery mess. As well, the set includes an attractive black tabletop stand with handles, so it can be placed on a table within easy reach of the food. This is especially handy if you have a long buffet table, or a separate table with drinks and condiments.


  • Large size
  • Includes a condensation tray
  • Comes with a tabletop stand with handles


  • Pricey
  • Not everyone may want the stand

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6. Best Splurge Buy: Artisan Double Wall, Stainless Steel Beverage Tub

If you want to up your party game, and money is not a concern, then you might want to invest in a large beverage tub that is attractive, functional and so durable, it will become a part of your party landscape for years to come.

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel with an elegant hand-hammered exterior with a mirrored finish and a brushed interior, this tub is an attractive and practical way to serve drinks at formal or informal events. With an extra-large capacity of 34 quarts and double insulated walls, you can be sure it will fit all of your drinks, keeping them cold for up to six hours, without any annoying condensation.

The tub, which measures 20.63 inches in diameter and 11.23 inches high, also has dual, reinforced handles and a large, stable base, which makes it ideal for transporting, serving and for sitting on a table among your best dinnerware, fine china and silver. To care for the tub, it should be hand washed in hot, soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried immediately.


  • Double insulated walls
  • No condensation or leaking
  • Dual reinforced handles


  • Expensive
  • Avoid salt solutions, acidic foods, abrasive or harsh cleaners to preserve the look

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7. Also Consider: BIRDROCK HOME Stainless Steel Beverage Tub with Stand – Bottom Tray

Sometimes you need more than a beverage tub — you need a party station, a place that not only includes a large beverage tub, but also accessories to provide your guests with everything they need all in one place.

This option from Birdrock Home includes an extra-large beverage tub — large enough to hold over 35 bottles of soda, beer or water, or up to 19 bottles of wine and champagne — plus a stand and a bottom tray for a comprehensive entertaining station.

Made from stainless steel, the tub measures 28.5 by 14.6 by 19.5 inches and sits on top of a black metal stand. The tub can be easily picked up by the sturdy handles on each side to transport elsewhere or to empty melted ice. The sturdy stand also has a bottom shelf with a steel tray, the perfect place for additional beverages, snacks, napkins and other supplies. The three-piece set is an ideal setup for a large party, and when you’re doing something more casual, you can set the tub on the grass at your next picnic.


  • Large beverage tub
  • Comes with a stand and extra storage tray
  • Tub can be used separately


  • Pricey
  • Heavy

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8. Honorable Mention: True Modern Wine & Champagne Bucket, Black Beverage Tub

So far, all of the beverage tubs on our list have been for parties where you want to keep a large amount of beverages cold. But what about a more intimate setting, such as a dinner for two or four, or a romantic lakeside picnic anniversary dinner?

This compact black beverage tub measures 8.25 by 10.5 by 7.75 inches and is made from durable acrylic. Lightweight and portable, it’s a practical and attractive option to take on that romantic meal, sporting event or up to the cottage. Place it on a table or on your picnic blanket; the cut-out handles on each side make it easy to carry, so it’s a snap to use anywhere.

You can keep two bottles of wine or champagne nicely chilled in the tub, or if you prefer, fill it with a six-pack of beer for your next tailgate party. It’s also leakproof, and because it is made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about it rusting.

The plastic is easy to clean; just wipe down the surface and store it away until the next time.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Won’t rust


  • Small capacity

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What to look for when choosing a beverage tub:

A beverage tub is a great accessory to have at any party where you are serving drinks and want to keep them chilled. These containers are similar to coolers but are more stylish and are available in plastic, which makes them lightweight. While all beverage tubs do the same thing — hold a large amount of ice into which you put a variety of beverages to stay chilled during a specific time period — there are some things to consider before going out and purchasing one for your needs.

Size: Like most things, beverage tubs come in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large. Think about what you want to use the beverage tub for, and this should guide you on the right size to choose. Always look for the measurements in the product descriptions to avoid disappointment. Photos can be misleading, making the tub appear larger than it is. Of course, you can always buy more than one beverage tub in different sizes. This way, you will be prepared for a small intimate dinner where you need to chill a couple of bottles of wine as well as that large backyard fourth of July party held every year for your family and friends.

Material: Beverage tubs are either made from plastic, galvanized steel or stainless steel. While plastic won’t rust and is often lightweight, the plastic can be thin and create a lot of condensation. If you want to reduce your use of plastic, galvanized steel is a good option, but the sturdiest choice is stainless steel. As well, many stainless steel models have double-walled insulation, which will keep your drinks cooler for longer and create virtually no condensation. It’s important to note, however, that insulated beverage tubs can be expensive

Accessories: Make sure your beverage tub has handles so you can carry it easily from one place to the next. Some handles are cut-out from the body of the tub, usually in plastic models, while galvanized steel and stainless steel models should have sturdy, riveted handles on each side. Remember, a beverage tub, when full, can be really heavy, so good handles are a must.

If you want something a bit more focused, chose a beverage tub that comes with a stand. This makes a great display and creates a drink station for your guests while freeing up table space for other things.

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