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Designed back in 2005, AeroPress coffee makers are probably the best kept secret of world travelers. They’re as fast as pod-type brewers, use pressure brewing similar to how espresso makers operate, and are less fragile than a French press. And for those who don’t want to sacrifice a great cup of coffee when away from home, they’re a perfect solution. The entire unit is super-lightweight, it’s made from high-density plastic, and because it folds into itself, it’s ultimately about the size of a beer can. Additionally, with no metal working parts, you don’t need to worry about security stops. But its also ideal for home or office use, when you just want a single, top quality brew to set your day off right. Intrigued? Let’s look at the home- and travel versions of the iconic AeroPress brand.

Our Favorite AeroPress Designs

AeroPress Go Portable Coffee Press with Mug and Lid: For The Road Warrior Who Still Wants a Great Brew


Capacity: 250 ml

Material: Triton BPA-free plastic

Special Features: Includes mug and lid

You don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate a great-tasting cup of java. For me, I love a coffee that knows it’s a coffee – strong, bold flavors and that incredible aroma that just starts your morning right. And if you travel – whether on the road, at the cottage, or enjoying a camp-out – you never want to have to sacrifice that robust a.m. pick-me-up. This is where a simple coffee press like this AeroPress Go is a perfect solution. Not only does it deliver all the same great features as the home-brew version, it comes with its own mug and lid. It’s truly a one-stop-brew system – everything packs up nice and neat for tucking away into the mug. And because we always need to know what materials are used to manufacture our dishware, rest assured that AeroPress uses only BPA-free Tritan plastic in their coffee presses. So, in addition to the mug and lid, this press comes with a generous 350 micro paper filters, a scoop for measuring coffee grounds and a reusable stir stick to kick-start the brew process. Your entire brew system can be tucked into a tote bag, backpack, or your carry-on luggage.


  • Brews both regular and espresso grounds
  • Container doubles as a mug and lid
  • Includes 350 micro paper filters
  • Made from BPA-free plastic


  • Only brews one cup of regular coffee

If you’re not ready to sacrifice a robust, great-tasting coffee just because you’re on the road, then this super simple all-in-one AeroPress maker is about to become your favorite travel buddy.

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AeroPress Coffee Maker with Zip Nylon Tote: For Those Who Love the Bold Flavors of Espresso Anywhere, Anytime


Capacity: 250 ml

Material: Triton BPA-free plastic

Special Features: Includes a zip nylon tote for easy travel

If you love the rich, bold flavors of espresso or dark roast coffees, you’re going to wonder how you survived without this AeroPress coffee maker. In addition to being portable, easy to use, and a snap to clean, it brews up one of the best cups of joe you’ll ever experience. And its super simple – coffee grounds go through a rapid, total immersion process to help maximize their flavors. Because it uses a medium ground bean versus the coarse blend favored by other immersion presses, more of the ground surface is exposed and you get a stronger, more robust brew. Just add the coffee grounds to the brew chamber, pour in hot water, and stir for optimal circulation. Use the plunger to compress the fluid and force it through the paper micro filter into your mug. Now, this filter is a differentiator when it comes to immersion brews. It prevents the grit that can enter when using a mesh filter, and delivers a bold, not bitter flavor. Each press makes one, 8-ounce cup of perfect coffee or 3 to 4 shots of espresso. It comes with a generous, 700 paper filters, scoop, stir stick, plunger and zippered nylon tote for travel.


  • Includes zippered nylon tote for travel
  • Brews both regular and espresso grounds
  • Comes with 700 micro paper filters
  • Includes funnel for pouring coffee grounds
  • Made from BPA-free plastic


  • Holds sufficient for just one cup of regular coffee

If you’re love the option of brewing a robust coffee or quality espresso without having to buy a separate machine, then you’re going to want to check out this versatile AeroPress coffee maker.

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Everything Old is New Again

While you may feel that the pour-over coffee systems remind you of the old Melitta coffee makers with their plastic cones, and that the paper filters used with AeroPress are just so last-year, you’d be jumping to the wrong conclusions. Total immersion coffee systems are renowned for delivering an exceptionally robust, full-flavored cup of coffee over that of any automatic coffee maker. And the pressure system used by AeroPress is akin to the process used by the top espresso maker brands. While it may seem basic, and somewhat old-school to many, it’s one of the most effective methods for brewing a great coffee product. And it’s a heck of a lot quicker and easier than learning to use an espresso maker.

One-Stop Brewing

Don’t you love it when you open up a package and everything’s included? Beyond the coffee grounds, there’s nothing for you to buy here – its all included. As you would expect, you receive the coffee chamber, the plunger and filter cap, but with both the AeroPress and AeroPress GO, you also receive a measuring scoop, reusable stir stick, plus a generous supply of paper filters. With the basic system, they’ve included a handy funnel for adding coffee grounds to the chamber, while the Go version provides you with your travel mug and fitted lid so you’re all ready to take your brew on the road. There’s literally nothing else you need to start making the perfect cup of coffee.

Too Easy to be True?

While the process is relatively simple, make no mistake, there is a knack to be mastered when it comes to using a press-style coffee maker. In addition to learning how to eyeball the ideal amount of coffee grounds and perfecting the water temperature, you need to practice how to apply the optimal amount of pressure as you process your brew. You need the grounds to circulate for maximum flavor – but for how long that will be, is up to your personal preferences. Without question, your first few presses may fall short of expectations. And you may find it a challenge to achieve any modicum of consistency from brew to brew. But that’s all part of the process of crafting coffee from scratch. Well worth it, for those who have a little patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

The set up is pretty basic and includes just 3 parts: the filter cap, the chamber for liquid, and the plunger. That’s it. You simply add one of the paper filters (a generous supply comes with each new unit) to the cap and set it atop your mug. You then put the coffee grinds into the brew chamber and add hot water. Mix it around for around a minute to let it fully steep, then insert the plunger. As you press down, the finished product pours into your mug while the filter prevents the grounds (including any fine particles) from entering the mix. You now have a robustly flavored, well-brewed cup of coffee.

What’s the Difference Between an AeroPress and a French Press?

There are a number of differences. One is that the brew time is much shorter than a French Press – typically well under 2 minutes. And because it uses a paper filter versus the metal mesh used by a French Press, it removes the grit which can make a coffee bitter. The use of a paper filter also means you can brew the super-fine espresso grounds in an AeroPress coffee maker. And because it’s smaller and compresses grounds into a puck as it passes through the filter, the AeroPress is quicker and easier to clean because you’re not dealing with wet, loose coffee grounds as you do with the French Press.

Can I Brew More than One Cup of Coffee at a Time?

The AeroPress chamber holds just 250 ml of water (or 8 ounces), so for most of us, that’s a single cup. Now, some manufacturers still use the original standard measure of 4 ounces, and therefore may claim their units produce up to 2 portions. But the truth is, 8 ounces is the maximum capacity you can get out of this unit from one press. So, we’re sticking with just one cup. It will, however, brew up to 4 2-ounce shots of espresso.

Is It Messy to Clean Up?

A quick and easy clean-up is particularly important when you’re traveling. You may not have time to fully rinse and dispense of grounds, nor the facilities to get that done. So, when compared to a French Press where you’re dealing with loose grounds, the AeroPress is a breeze. All grounds are compacted into a neat “puck” that is pressed through a filter.  You just remove it, rinse the unit and you’re ready to go again.


For those of us that love the idea of enjoying a rich, bold cup of coffee or espresso anywhere, anytime, the AeroPress is an easy, affordable option. Both the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go, come with the basic components for making a superior grade cup of coffee by using the immersion process. Hot water is poured onto the coffee grounds, they’re allowed to circulate to release the full coffee flavor, and a pressure plunger is then deployed to push the hot coffee through a filter and into your mug. Unlike other press systems that use a metal mesh filter, the AeroPress works with paper filters that eliminate the gritty residue and bitterness you can often experience with less-fine, metal filters. This unit is lightweight, which makes it perfect for throwing into your tote bag, backpack, or even a coat pocket. All you need is hot water and you’re ready to go. We chose to look at both versions of the AeroPress coffee immersion system because we feel this brand leads the pack when it comes to quality for price paid.

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