7 Best Air Fryers With Dehydrators

Combining air fryers with dehydrators into a single kitchen appliance is the best option yet!

A Healthy Approach to Traditional Cooking

A few years ago, air fryers stirred up a storm in the culinary world—promising the crisp, yet tender joys of good ol’ deep-frying without the boiling vats of fats and oil. These machines are exciting and unlike the many other food trends out there, they actually lived up to the hype. They even come equipped with a dehydrator, and the combination itself is testament to the efficiency and reliability of these kitchen appliances.

Whether you are looking to cut down on your costs, explore new ways of food preparation, or simply wish to live healthier, you can’t go wrong with an air fryer. To make things more exciting, choose an air fryer with built-in dehydrator, typically available at no added cost! Of course, for first-timers, an air fryer with a dehydrator might sound like a complicated gadget. The kind of machine that you purchase and then leave collecting dust on your counter once you give up reading about a quarter of the way through an incredibly difficult instruction manual. Thankfully, that’s not a fear you should have with this powerhouse appliance. Because in truth, they are surprisingly easy-to-use and make very healthy food to boot. 

You might be wondering how fried food can be healthy. Well, the answer is hiding in plain sight—air. An air fryer cooks food simply by circulating hot air around it, ensuring a juicy and savory end result. For anyone wanting to change their everyday diet for the better, an air fryer with a dehydrator is simply the best choice around. You can still prepare all of your favorite snacks, just made in a healthier way using fresh ingredients at home. Even better, you’ll actually save money in the long term. That’s right, these machines are healthy, cost-cutting, and convenient. 

The only challenge is figuring out which combination air fryer and dehydrator to bring into your home. There are so many options out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you choose the best machine for you and your family, we made a list of some of the best and most reliable air fryers with dehydrators on the market that you’ll love for years to come.


#1 The Trusted Kitchen Helper: Ninja Air Fryer

The Trusted Kitchen Helper: Ninja Air Fryer

Reliable and armed with a variety of tools and gadgets, the Ninja air fryer with dehydrator offers a whole range of cooking options and is at the forefront of this race—boasting a modern, simple, and fluid user experience with an easy-to-use one touch panel.

This appliance is also quite sturdy and features an extra large capacity 4 qt ceramic-coated basket for food preparation. In addition to all of that, the Ninja features 4 operating features. The main one is obviously air frying, but you also get the option of roasting and re-heating food. And of course, a built-in dehydrator gives you the option of making even more healthy homemade snacks. It’s on the top of our list for a reason.


#2 Your Own Versatile Chef: Chefman AirFryer+

Your Own Versatile Chef: Chefman AirFryer+

This model from the established Chefman brand is a delight for every amateur chef, featuring a stunning array of options for a healthy and hands-free approach to preparing meals. Equipped with 8 built-in preset options for air frying, dehydrating, baking, and even a unique rotisserie option, this impressive appliance makes you feel like a professional chef. With an included air frying basket, a rotisserie spit, and a few other gadgets, this Chefman is a champion for anyone looking for a reliable air fryer with a dehydrator. The culinary possibilities are almost endless with this stunning machine.


#3 Straightforward and Reliable:Wixonic Oven

Straightforward and Reliable: Wixonic Oven

Expertly combining efficiency and value, Wixonic presents an oil-free air fryer with dehydrator that also boasts of some handy and unique features. The Wixonic oven cooks the food evenly inside and out, preserving all of the nutritional value and flavor despite using as much as 85% less oil than other devices. There’s no doubt that this unit offers a healthier meal without sacrificing taste.

Its large capacity allows you to prepare meals for up to 4 people quickly and efficiently with the heat going up to 400° F. The oven also offers quick and easy pre-heat. No more waiting ten minutes to get started. In just a fraction of that time, your oven will be ready for action.


#4 The Air Fryer on Steroids: Air Fryer Oven XL  

The Air Fryer on Steroids: Air Fryer Oven XL  

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck in an air fryer, then this Sarki is a truly top-of-the-line choice. Boasting 12 options in a single appliance, the possibilities with this fryer are endless. The first thing to note is the extra large 12.4 qt capacity that allows you to cook a whole chicken at a time.

The digital user interface offers 12 built-in presets. As further proof of efficiency, Sarki includes a variety of additional gadgets (such as a deep frying pan, a grill rack, a roasting spit, and a unique stirring paddle). Whether you crave chicken, pizza, cookies, or cakes, this fryer can do it ALL! That too in a healthier way than usual.


#5 The Ultimate Ninja: Ninja Foodi Cooker

The Ultimate Ninja: Ninja Foodi Cooker

Establishing itself as a leader in the air fryer market, Ninja never fails to deliver unique, trusted, and efficient products. The Foodi is no exception. This air fryer goes well beyond its key feature, for its also a pressure cooker, a dehydrator, and a tender crisper. 

The new and redesigned pressure cooker is up to 70% faster than conventional home cookers, allowing for a thorough and juicy preparation of most ingredients. But the real gem in this machine is its revolutionary tender crisp feature that allows 2-step cooking—soft and juicy pressure cooking finished off with a “crisping lid” that creates a mouthwatering and crispy golden finish. Finally, this appliance also includes a dehydrator, perfect for homemade chips and jerky.


#6 The Professional Choice: ChefWave 12 qt Oven

The Professional Choice: ChefWave 12 qt Oven

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty air fryer with dehydrator and don’t mind spending a little bit more money on the ultimate kitchen appliance, then this ChefWave air fryer is for you. It comes with a remarkable stainless steel design, large 12 qt capacity, and numerous versatile functions including 16 built-in presets.

This air fryer includes a handy dehydrator, rotisserie, frying basket, mesh basket, and a variety of other accessories. It offers 360° cooking, ensuring even and thorough food preparation. It’s different cooking modes including grilling, cooking, baking, broiling, and stir frying are supported with 1600 watts of power. If budget is not an issue, then ChefWave is the ultimate oven to add to your kitchen.


#7 The Belle of the Kitchen:BELLA 10l Oven

The Belle of the Kitchen: BELLA 10l Oven

Compact and simple, yet packed with impressive features, Bella is a straightforward air fryer that offers all the functions that you might need. Its 10 L capacity can prepare up to 8.5 pounds of food with high-performance circular heat technology. In addition, its compact and simple design ensures ease of use and simple cleaning. And like all the competing brands, this belle of the kitchen offers a variety of gadgets to simplify your cooking, including a grill, deep-fry basket, and roasting spit for cooking healthy meals.



If you were skeptical about the efficiency of the air fryer and dehydrator combo, then doubt no more! The evidence is out there in abundance and after reading this article, you should be able to see for yourself that these appliances are truly revolutionizing healthy food preparation. Perfect for small kitchens and anyone looking to improve their cooking methods, air fryers are the ideal multi-tools. Let your inner chef fly free and create wonderfully healthy meals with almost zero oil and butter!

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