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All beef dishes cooked using sous vide, including steak, roasts, and burgers

tri tip recipe

Sous Vide Tri-Tip Steak

This traditionally tougher cut of steak has perhaps one of the most substantial transformations from sous vide.

  By Sous Vide Guy

Finished medium rare steak

Sous Vide New York Strip

New York Strips are one of the most iconic cuts of steak in the United States, and for great reason. This strip of meat is super tender and only gets even more tender from cooking it sous vide.

  By Sous Vide Guy

sous vide flank steak recipe

Sous Vide Flank Steak

Flank steaks are not just for stir-frying anymore! This traditionally tough and lean cut of meat turns into an amazingly tender cut of steak after cooking it sous vide. And best of yet? You can put together an incredible sous vide flank steak dish for next to nothing.

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Sous Vide Corned Beef

With sous vide, you can control the temperature to the perfect level, allowing you to obtain the traditional taste and texture you know and love, while also enabling easy sandwich slicing.

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Sous Vide Filet Mignon

The most tender of cuts. Filet mignon is an exceptionally classy cut of steak with a butter-like mouthwatering texture. Sous vide enhances this texture even more so, resulting in the most tender steak you can possibly eat.

  By Sous Vide Guy